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Container For Colours

BarvaDevice serves for transport and dosing of colours to the mixing head at low-pressure PU mixing machines


  • mixing head must be with the possibility of inlet for colour concentrate
  • if the head is not equipped with inlet for colour concentrate, it can be ordered individually
  • this device can be used for pouring machines made by other producer


BarvaOtevrenaWithout- pressure containers

  • volume of each container is 50 l, are equipped with stirrers with electromotor
  • are heated by electric heating element


Colour dosing

    • recycling system for transport of colours
    • two accurate dosing gear pump with cycling gearboxes and electromotors
    • control of revolutions of dosing pumps by frequency converter
    • components are cleaned before entering the pumps
    • reading of colour pressure on delivery with blocking of run of the pumps during exceeding the maximal value
    • valve for control of colour pressure is placed on each return pipe




Distribution board 

  • setting up and control of temperature for each container individually
  • blocking of running during the deviation of actual temperature and set temperature
  • displaying of pressure behind the dosing pump for each colour individually
  • automatic switch off of dosing pumps during exceeding the maximal pressure
  • displaying of the discharge in ml/s for each colour individually
  • setting up of the discharge by multirevolution potentiometer
  • switch on/switch off electromotor of stirrer of each container individually
  • switch on/switch off dosing pump for each colour individually



Technical Parameters

Dimensions ( l x w x h ) 1425x600x1400 mm
Number of colours 2
Volume of each container 50 litrů
Power of each pump od 0,13 do 1,26 ml/s
Temperature of colour 20 až 60 °C

Change of technical parameters reserved.


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