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Slow Run Crusher of Plastics

Drtic_plastu_2002This equipment is used in plastic industry for crush gate and cull rests and defective plastic products.


Technical Description

Crusher of plastics consists of the bin for incoming material with hopper, crashing box with stator and rotor blades, gear electromotor with hollow shaft and steel electrical box. All these parts are fastened to the tough frame. The crushed material falls to the drawer bin. The bin for incoming material with hopper can be open for easy cleaning of blades. Machine is equipped with carrying wheel for easy manipulation. Device can be simply used directly next to the injection machines.

Antiblocking system


Crushers plastics Pronext, a.s. is standardly provides with antiblocking system. Machine unblocks the rotor by the reverse run. The time of reverse run is adjustable.


This machine is suitable mainly for the crushing hard materials, thanks the high -

quality special blades. (PP, PS, PA, ABS)



Optional equipment

The bin for crushed material:

  • Drawer bin of crushed material for manual discharge.
  • Drawer with outlet for connection of suck to the direct transport to hopper of inject machine.


Control of machine


    • Relay control - with the help of typical relay and time relay.
    • PLC control - with the help of small programmable logic control unit with LCD display
    • PLC control allows you to follow instant loading of motor, inspection overloading in time, showing messages about the function and comfortable adjusted of parameters in English language or Czech language. PLC control is delivered in the same price.


Technical parameters

  • Electromotor power up to 5,5 kW
  • Speed rotor blades 33.7 min -1
  • Number of crush stator blades - according to contract
  • Number of wipeable stator blades - according to contrac
  • Number of crush rotor blades - according to contract
  • Number of score cut rotor blades - according to contract
  • Power of device according to size and flow grade of processing material
  • Max. dimension (WxLxH) 420x800x1200 mm
  • Change of technical parameters reserved.


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