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History of building

After the bombardment of Bata factory in 1944 it rest from the original ten floorage storage only the torso what was later renovated.

In 1950 there was on this area the building built for central transformer of fabric and distribution centre for then built of mill of rubber. In 1966 it was decided to built here new yard No. 32 and 33. 20 years elapsed from the first studies to finishing this yard. First stage was finished in 1971. It was realized the ten floorage storage of central store of chemicals (yard no. 33) and yard of repair operation. Vertical supporting structure is made up by steel poles in modular grid of Bata’s floorage 6,15x6,15 m. In next stage it was built ten floorage structures of rubber industry and shoe industry (yard No. 32) and so the architectonic complex was finished. Used constructions of basic supporting structures is different in its outer expression from initially used carcass but by using of other expressive means and materials- modular measure, matched brickwork, continuous windows, overstriking of vertical items, colour solution and so on – is the building naturally incorporated to system of actual buildings of the whole area.


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