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Cleaning PU

KanistrCleaner of moulds for treatment of plastic. Cleaner acting hot for very hard soluble rest after separation e. g. rests of PU foam.

Designation: Acmosol 133 -78 -2


Advantages: Very good cleaning effect.

At first cleaner warm up in metal vessel to temperature approx. 150 -170°C, only with this temperature it is possible to reach maximal utilization of cleaner. Apply the cleaner to embedded rests and let it work agreeably to degree of contamination approx. 20 - 30 min.

after the removal of rest it is needful to properly wash the vessel by used separator. This process makes next commissioning easy. Rests of cleaner in vessel make interference of foam and also new depositing of foam in vessel. Effect of cleaner is down if it conceived only max volume of  50% of PU rest - foam or other contamination.

Do not store at open place. Product must be safe before chill, warm and direct solar radiation. Chill goods are needed to warm up to room temperature before using. Product is determined only for professional users and professional treatment. Store stability: approx. 6 months (in original unbroken package)

Recommended temperature for store:
between 10 °C and 30 °C Other information in safety page. Free samples available


You can use suitable stainless steel vessel with electrical heating of cleaning liquid.



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